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Dear Online Entrepreneur,

Have you struggled to succeed in your online business but have so far gotten no results? It is not a case that your pursuits are unrealistic, the problem is you are not being given access to the right information and products you need for your success. I am an internet marketer with many years of experience. Over that time, I have witnessed many product launches that share the promise of – “getting rich quick!” True, to some extent many of these products deliver what they promise but the big question is “do they really provide the tools you need to become financially independent?” Most online money-making programs are designed around turning you into an affiliate or a pay-per-click marketer usually with minimal success for youself. In each case you can make money but not without making multiple sales for the designers of the program.

So, where is the financial independence? How can you claim success when you are still very much dependent upon another person or group? I am not discouraging you from affiliate marketing nor am I trying to imply that affiliate marketing is dead (of course that is not true because it is still very strong and will remain so for years to come). What I am trying to emphasize is, there are a lot of truths no one will share on how to set up your own online business empire. This should be your utmost priority as it is the only real way to achive financial independence (rather than you expending all your valuable time and efforts marketing for someone else).

Before we divulge this crucial information to you, we
would like to ask you 3 extremely important questions…

These 3 critical questions will instantly help you decide whether or not you are 100% ready for the challenge ahead of you -If you are then continue reading but if not then please don’t even waste a second of your precious time reading this page!

But first before we throw these questions at you, we just want to let you know that life is how you make it- success has no favorite face & neither does it choose who becomes better than the other! All the positives & negatives that we experience in our lives are solely a by-product of the amount of effort, dedication & commitment than we put into our work… Unless of course you are a gambler but the fact is that 98% of all forms of success have to be earned the hard way! Don’t be fooled into believing that you will accrue thousands of $$$ by just sitting on your lazy butt while things happen on auto pilot…There is totally no such thing as making money on Auto-pilot, period!

You have to work for it to earn it…

Ok, enough with the psychology lecture…Now, let’s get back to the questions:

1) Are you looking for an extremely lucrative, gimmick-free & viable business opportunity that will give you a realistic chance of making thousands of $$$ per month, all from the comfort of your home?

2) Would you be comfortable working only 2 to 4 hours a day selling your products or reselling outrageously profitable PLR, MRR & RR products such as software, graphics, videos, scripts, eBooks, services & much, much, more while you retain 100% of the profit?

3) Are you ready to shoot your marketing business out of the roof with our INNOVATIVE & FOOL-PROOF MODULAR SYSTEM that will allow you to create your own online business or service, create recurring income and give you access to hundreds of profitable resell products! Surely who can beat such an incredible offer…

You have read the questions & now we would like you to be extremely honest with yourself…

YES! I am ready to take a giant stride towards viable financial freedom using your legit, gimmick-free & rewarding business opportunity!


NO! I need more time to figure out what I want to do with my life ~ if you are not sure about taking up this offer to create your very own online success! 1 thing we can honestly guarantee you though is that you will never find any other site that is as solid, genuine & viable as ours!

So what do you say? Are you ready to totally transform your life from the shambolic, tiring & unrewarding hind side it is today into a sizzling, enjoyable & respectable one that will make other people envious of you? Well the choice is entirely up to you…

Well If you’ve been on an endlessly searching for that unique opportunity to transform your life, create your very own online business and generate recurring income, then your search ends today!

Welcome to Auto Business Funnel! The unique and innovative online business system!

The powerful and quality-moderated tool that will help small and middle-sized business owners overcome the irritating and nagging challenges that stand in the way of the affluent businesses you deserve. With the easy-to-use Auto Business Funnel model, you will bolster your business by attracting genuine interest from online customers who are vying for your products and services.

As you are aware, starting an online venture can be very challanging. A lot of start-ups fail because the majority of owners exhaust the random solutions they come across on the web. Others turn to the cheap and mediocre scams heavily-populating the net subjecting themselves to rip-offs. In fact such scams may turn their realistic business dreams into a taunting nightmare as business goals either fall short of realistic expectations or worse, totally go down the drain.

This is where Auto Business Funnel can do wonders for you and your business. You will not find another package with ABF’s optimal back-end business capabilities! Other are so complicated to operate that you may not know where to start. Auto Business Funnel on the other hand is a simple solution to all your marketing troubles. A lot more than your average business kit, this cost-effective model takes you from the initial phases of the business process all the way to the cashing-in phase.

And after only a few more days…Products for Auto Business Funnel

With Auto Business Funnel I am giving you the means to repeat this process as many times as you like. 1, 10, 100, 1000, ten thousand times! The tools you will receive with the Auto Business Funnel are yours to use over and over again creating and recreating success.

One of the biggest keys to online success is owning a list. Using products included in the Auto Business Funnels modular system, you will be able to steadily increase the size of your files on a daily basis using the same techniques I use. List growth is essential and will not only allow you to bring in fresh, continuous traffic to your sites but also open up more growing to your affiliate programs for increased promotions and sales. With the traffic and list building modules included we are going to give you the tools to build your list.


The benefits of the ABF package lie in the online visibility and niche exposure this one-stop-shop system centers on. These specific benefits will make your business grow in record time so you can avoid the broken systems that merely waste your energy, time, and money. With our various advanced modules, you can quickly become the leader of your niche and attain the success levels experienced by our numerous customers – all for nothing more than a few clicks.


Products for Auto Business Funnel


Module 1 Scripts

Scripts For Your Online Business

Auto Business Funnel’s Scripts Module is only one of the multi-fold features available in the system’s trusted model. The abundance of invaluable scripts the package contains will allow you to establish the initial building blocks of the business. Fusing both conventional and novice marketing techniques this module puts years of seasoned experience at your fingertips providing script solutions that will guarantee your company a regular flow of interest. The all-in-one Auto Business Funnel package includes scripts for storefronts, classified site directories, and membership sites as well as a plethora of equally useful tools. For you to reach out to a broader client base, we have added one-time offers and countdown capabilities.

Just take a look at the scripts included!
Your Store Front Script – Customizable and loaded With Products.
Your Membership Script – Customizable to your specific needs.
Your Classified Scripts – Not 1, But 3.
Your One Time Offer Script – For higher sales conversions.
Your Squeeze Scripts – Capture potential buyers
Your Launch Script – Excite with your upcoming product launches.
Your Countdown Script – Have them stand in line with anticipation.
Personal Auto Responder Script – Stop paying for autoresponder service.

The tools included in the Auto Business Funnel package have been meticulously hand-picked to cater to all the marketing requirements to fit your needs. The whole process starts with designing a smart website with easily-accessible functionalities. With the above-mentioned scripts module, this component is readily achievable. The below complementary modules are integrated into the system to guarantee support services, large traffic generation, state-of-the-art marketing techniques, web directory submissions, and much more!

Store Script is the best and easiest to use the out-of-the-box eBook store turnkey web script on the market designed for ease of use for both the owner and customers. Everything can be configured through an easy to use web-based Store Admin area. Preinstalled with an array of ebooks and software that can convert to any product from household goods, electronics, pet supplies to herbal products, in short, anything you want to sell. With ABF store script, you can create multiple storefronts. There are no limits. It is an instant business! You can start selling as soon as you have installed the website! The website is entirely automated and customers get instant access to their downloads directly after they make their purchase. No more having to send files by email to your customers. This website script does it all for you. 24 hours a day! – Store

Membership script has been designed so it is easy to set up and easy to use because we know it shouldn’t take weeks to set up a site. There is not a reason to spend all those wasted hours learning how to install and setup a membership site when you could have your website up and running within a matter a few minutes. The bells and whistles needed are there so you can get your site up and be running fast. With email address validation and sign up confirmation the script becomes a powerful list building tool. You can also use the script as a stand-alone autoresponder simply by setting up a gift so that when people sign up to receive it, you have an instant email marketing system of your very own. As you have unlimited personal use of the script, create as many sites and ideas as you wish. – Membership

Classified scripts allow you to create your own classified ads website in a few clicks. Make money from a listing fee or let sellers do it for free and earn more from Advertisement. (Google AdSense, Affiliate Programs, etc.) Whether you are running classifieds for autos, motorcycles, bicycles, RV’s, guns, horses, or general merchandise, this is the right package for you.


Module 2 Software


Software To Expedite Your Business Success

Auto Business Funnel supplements its scripts module with a support software platform that offers an array of services and launching tools. These include directory submitter, article rewriter, and article submitter software. On top of these essentialities, the system puts numerous other devices at your disposal like squeeze page creator, e-cover creator, a keyword search tool and website ranking tracker.

Just take a look at the software included!
Your Own Cover Creator – Create your distinctive looking covers for your products.
Your Own Website Submitter – Send your website links to dozens of directories quickly and easily.
Your Own Site Analyzer – Determine with ease your websites popularity, and page ranking.
Your Own Article Rewriter – Utilize the power of many articles for unique content to an article.
Your Own Article Submitter – Send your new articles out to multiple directories in mere minutes with ease.
Your Own Keyword Analyzer – Build a list of the best profitable keywords for your product and market.
Your Own Squeeze Creator – Create a custom squeeze page in minutes.

Unlike the other complicated systems on the web where you never know where to start, Auto Business Funnel is a powerful yet simple and user-friendly solution. Designed specifically for business starters it is the fruit of years of experience and research in the online business niche. For faster familiarization with the system, dozens of instructional videos on its functionality as well as cpanel, auto-responders, and Google Analytics are included. A lot more than your average business kit the system offers you a cost-effective model that takes you from the initial phases of the business process all the way to the cashing-in stage.


Module 3 Resale Products


Highly Profitable Resale Products

Auto Business Funnel hands you more than 100 product titles for your Master Resale Rights’ (MRR) campaigns. With a huge array of niches covered from health and fitness to WordPress, software, and more. But that would not be enough to give you the fluidness to customize your creation. The module also includes over 100highly lucrative and modifiable Private Label Rights (PLR) titles, but we are not stopping there. You are going to need Web Site Templates and Graphics, so we have also included over 150 resale products for that as well accounting for more than 400 total resale opportunities. Auto Business Funnel ensures that you will keep track of your resale rights and most importantly, intellectual property rights so you can keep up with the legal side of your business and ensure exclusive rights while efficiently detecting any breaches or violations.

Module 4 Video Training


Training And Knowledge Base

Due to the highly competitive nature of doing business on the internet, getting started is never easy. However, at Auto Business Funnel we have made provisions for this by including hundreds of training videos to foster a quicker familiarization with the system and rapid business integration. Dozens of instructional videos on the system’s functionality are contained in the package including videos on cpanel, auto-responders, and Google Analytics. These videos include practical step-by-step approaches which are aimed at assisting you in getting things right on the very first try. Of course, you will agree with me that training via video is one of the best forms of learning as you can visualize correctly how things are done. With all the videos contained in our package, you will have simple to use online instruction!

Module 5 Hosting Assist

Startup Hosting Assistance

With a solid easy-to-use interface, a website with top-notch support services and proper training, you are ready for the next phase: web hosting. It is not easy to select and understand web hosting as the task could be very time-consuming. For those of you who are starters in the online marketing business or those who are simply short on time, Auto Business Funnel is offering you a golden opportunity to host your website through us from a simple starter account all the way through to a master resale account!

Module 6 List Building

The Money Is In The List

You have heard it a thousand times “The Money Is In The list” and it is! At Auto Business Funnel we have created a module that allows you to start building a list immediately to stimulate your online business growth. Not only do we provide you with all the tools you need we also give you detailed steps on list building success. We can help with that too. With Auto Business Funnel we judge ourselves by your success, and we like success. We take you through an entire super-fast list building technique that will not only allow you to build your list continuously but show you how to monetize and evaluate the process for yourself to ensure continued list building growth.

Module 7 Online Traffic Assist

What About Traffic?

At Auto Business Funnel, we are aware that the most vital piece in the jigsaw is traffic. Without traffic, there simply is no need for a website or a business. In this light, we have complemented the modules with a “Premium Members”6-month professional traffic exchange membership. This will help your traffic go from nonexistent to visitors galore! These carefully studied measures will guarantee top-shelf streamlined prospects leading in turn to more leads, more sales, more revenue, and eventually the growth of your business! Your traffic exchange lifetime membership includes 1500 web page, banner, and text advert views a month and with Traffic Orbit your banner and text ads run on over 12 other websites receiving over 2 million page views a month.

Products for Auto Business Funnel

It is high time you stopped making money for some inactive guys in the name of affiliate marketing and pay-per-click advertising. Stop being colonized! It is the time your hard work and efforts pay off and the time to make that happen is now! Once you have started your business on the road to success all the doors will open to you. Create your own membership site or download store. Promote the products, services, or advertising imagined and created by you. All the thoughts and dreams of an online business created from your imagination are possible with this money-spinning modular system toolbox called “Auto Business Funnel”.

Start today! Unlock all of your dreams. Build that new house, buy that car, go on that exotic vacation or just simply relax. Take time to enjoy all the things available to you. It all begins with you. We are here to provide all the tools and knowledge to help make you successful, independent, and comfortable.

Profit Share

To ensure that Auto Business Funnel has the most unbeatable package out there, we have included a mouth-watering offering in the form of our profit sharing affiliate program. The latter entails a commission package that pays 40% of our profits for purchasing members. On top of sharing its expertise, ABF also wants to share its wealth with those who have put their trust in its products and services.

What sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we strive for perfection each & every time! We endeavor to give you, the marketer a VIABLE OPPORTUNITY TO KICK START & EXPAND your online business to its full potential…
Our commitment to quality service delivery is unmatched anywhere on the internet! For us to keep our members always on top of things, we ensure that we update our inventory with brand new products regularly! Click the “Add To Cart button” and create your FREE membership spot now there is no commitment to join & you will be able to instantly download some of our great products…

Just take a look at all we’ve included!
ABF Incredible Multiple Script And Software Modules!
ABF Incredible Master Resale And Private Label Rights Modules!
Hosting Assist For Your Program – 100% Free To Start!
List Building Module – We Help You Build A List!
Traffic Assist Module – We Help Drive Traffic To You!
Our Large Educational How To Video Library!
A Selection Of Over 150 Resale Rights Website Templates And Graphics!
A Big Affiliate Commission Package, Ongoing Updates, And More…
Products for Auto Business Funnel
Auto Business Funnel Testimonial
Auto Business Funnel Testimonial
Auto Business Funnel Testimonial
Products for Auto Business Funnel

We guarantee you all the tools to start you on the path to online business success. The value of all the products contained in our modular system would easily sell for $6247.00 charging a mere $7.00 each month on a single sale. With the unlimited support, training, traffic, and advertising included the modular system easily exceeds that number, multiplied by however many sales you make or sites you create.

YES, David, I want to start building my business today!

Create Your Own Online Cash Funnel!

Auto Business Funnel holds the keys to your success in the business world. Unlike many marketers system, Auto Business Funnel will always be here for you. Our ongoing updates and additional learning and marketing material will consistently be helping to keep you on top. With only a few clicks, you can make your online business a huge success. The ABF package will make your online business processes easier. ABF will help you to generate more leads than your competition and allow you to experience the same outstanding results as our other clients. All you have to do is sign-up and start benefiting from all of the above and more. Never pass on opportunities…your time for action is NOW!

Yours Sincerely,

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