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“Ready To Build A List?”


The Definition of List Building is very simple: “The Process of adding leads to your Personal Mailing List, Autoresponder or Newsletter/Ezine”. Sounds simple? Yes, and adding leads is easy enough.

Realizing that every marketer who understands how much business, influential power and wealth a mailing list can bring, they are using any and every way possible to build those mailing lists.

Online Giveaway Events are carried out mainly within the Internet Marketing circle itself. However, it is very possible to run Giveaway Events successfully in any hot niche, with the cooperation of a
group of partners and contributors in the same niche.

Giveaway events are typically free to join and simply put the fastest method of list building for newer and experienced marketers alike.

Learning to understand the giveaway process and utilize the full potential both in building a list and adding cash to your pocket is essential.

We have included an e-book below “Guide To Giveaway Events” that is a recommended read. It is also rebrandable (placing you as the author, your websites, and links) and available for you to giveaway as a list building gift.
With your rebranded copy you may also gain increased profits from simply giving it away.

If you are looking to grow your list fast and kick-start your cash flow, you need to upgrade your contributor account when you sign up! The advantage to this is tremendous to your list growth
and also to your bank account.

Statistics from several past giveaway events have shown that Upgraded Contributors grew their list between 5-10 times larger than those who chose not to upgrade.

Think about it… that is a big difference, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, think about the how much more additional money you KNOW you could make with 5-10 times the additional subscribers on your mailing list by end of the first week of this giveaway event…

Exposure is key in any endeavor, and with the added gifts, gift placement, not to mention sales from special offers and text ads, with an upgraded account, you simply can’t go wrong!

As is normal for giveaway events you will also be able to monetize the event by adding your own special offers. These offers go in rotation with the other contributors to display to
everyone logging into the event thus giving your product a view to people not on your list. This is powerful advertising so carefully select what you offer and do not grab some affiliate program
as expect to make sales, most likely it will not happen. Choose a product to display that offers a great use value to the price and you will see greater success.

Done correctly you will usually not only make your upgrade cost back but a nice tidy profit. But the money doesn’t stop there. Sharp contributors know that along with the upgrade usually
comes big commissions of up to 100% for some events.

While promoting is not as easy when you start, this is clearly a simple method of making a profit as many marketers do upgrade. Promoting a giveaway event is no different than promoting a product, you can make money and with the added promotional points your gift moves up closer to the front page giving you more visibility. One other thought I would like to share is this, promoting is not easy when you start but work at it and the rewards are there. Also, the marketers who host the events do know who makes the effort and who the freeloaders are.

Text advertisement are also generally present to the upgraded contributor and I do not recommend placing 3, 4 or even 5 different text ads. Select a single item you really want to get exposure for and place it in every
available text ad entry you can. As these ads also rotate this will give you maximum exposure.

Located below is a selection of product to cover a variety of niches that can be used in giveaways. Most of the product list is of a Private Label Rights allowing you to customize them to you. Recreating the
artwork, boxes and book covers will allow for a one of a kind appeal. You will find many more products from your PLR resale page that can also be used, just remember to always check license rights before
giving products away or making modifications.




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